Cop Watch Video Recorder

The Cop Watch Video Recorder app provides the easiest way to create and upload videos about police-citizen interactions. Settings are available to have the app begin recording as soon as it is launched, and to upload video to iCloud™ automatically. The app also provides some handy reference material concerning your right to shoot these videos.

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Auto-start recording!

  • Setup the app to begin recording as soon as it launches.

  • Try this ... "Hey Siri, open Cop Watch"

Let's face it, recording police can be a tense situation. Cop Watch Video Recorder lets you focus on the task at hand. No login, no configuration -- Nothing to remember. Start recording. Stop, and the video is safely sent to iCloud.

Six simple switches

  • Save to iCloud

  • Auto start recording when app is opened

  • Auto upload once recording ends

  • Allow uploads when on cellular data, away from Wifi

  • Record your location

  • Make uploads public


View on web


Free Guidebook included

Citizens filming the police can discourage police brutality and harassment β€” letting the cops know that their actions are being recorded, and that they will be held accountable for acts of harassment and abuse.

Although it is important to resist police brutality by taking cops to court, filing complaints and holding demonstrations, it is also crucial for us to be prepared when police activity takes place, letting the police know that we will hold them accountable for their behaviour in our communities. Citizen monitoring of police is a crucial first step towards building a movement capable of stopping police violence, and of challenging the increasingly powerful role of police in our society.

Download our Guide to SAFELY filming the police

Helping you help yourself

Cop Watch Video Recorder was created to help people help themselves. Those sworn to Serve & Protect have proven they won't. So we must look out, and care for each other.

"I recorded an event when the police were questioning me ... It seemed like because of the fact I was recording them they were acting nicer than usual. At one point 1 of the officers tried to grab my phone, but I warned him if he tried to damage the phone or stop the recording it will be uploaded to the Internet immediately, and then he stopped, LOL. It felt good like we are equals, as it should have always been."


Simple, Straight Pricing

Pay once. No in-app payments. No subscriptions.



Through the end of September, Cop Watch Video Recorder is 1/2 price!

Price increase in October


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Until the end of September, Cop Watch Video Recorder is 1/2 price!

Price increase in October

Frequently Asked Questions

We've made it to version 2.0! Thanks for your support!

Are my videos safe?

Yes! Your videos are stored on Apple's iCloud, in the very same secure system as your uploaded Photos and Messages.

Is this a new app?

No. Cop Watch Video Recorder is now at version 2.0. We have been here on the the AppStore since February 2014

Why does it cost so much?

It doesn't. We know first-hand it can be quite harrowing to safely film the police. The work we put into simplifying the process for you is surely worth the price of a cup of coffee, no?

Why iCloud™?

When we first launched we would upload the videos to YouTube. Creating a special channel, and handling the complicated login process was difficult, and the results were cumbersome. iCloud is an Apple service, and on iPhone, it just works! You are probably already logged in!

Can I delete my videos?

Yes. Visit to login with your Apple ID to view, download, or delete your videos.

Should I save to Private or Public?

Either way works great! The default in the app is for your videos to remain Private to you. If you change it on the Settings page, your videos will be visible to anyone who logs into the web page with their own Apple ID. Your private videos are only visible to you.

Still have a question? Open a ticket at

Only until October, 1/2 price!

Take advantage now before the price goes back up.